Posture Pro Strength & Conditioning


Preserve your posture.

Many exercise methodologies sacrifice your body’s structural integrity and end up hurting more than they help. We’ll teach you how to maintain great posture while you train.


Exercise smarter.

While we can’t promise training will be “easy,” we’ll eliminate the ineffective, time-consuming parts of your workout routine so you can focus on methods that will get you results.


Experience wellness.

When you condition your body effectively, you’ll boost more than just your physical performance. Other body functions will improve and you’ll feel healthier too.

Strength Training


Get strong safely.

Our practice is rooted in principles from Advanced Biostructural Correction™, a hands-on protocol that improves your body’s alignment. With a deeper understanding of your structure, we can guide you through exercises that won’t negatively impact your posture and functioning.

Cardio: CAR.O.L


Boost your health in 40 seconds.

We’ll guide you through reduced-effort, high-intensity interval training using the CAR.O.L stationary bike. This new technology uses science-backed research and algorithms to push you to your limits (for only 40 seconds, total, in a <9 minute workout). Your health and fitness will improve super-efficiently and in multiple areas, from lower blood pressure to reduced risk of heart disease and more. Learn about the proven benefits at


“I came to Align Wellness hoping to get relief from problems related to my work as a carpenter. At 70, my body has been through a lot. Without Align Wellness I don’t know if I’d still be able to work, much less thrive. I’m doing well thanks to their very real concern and help with my posture, my diet and my fitness.”

Dan A.

How It Works

Set your focus.

We’ll help you envision what “fit” looks like for you.

Create a plan.

Our experts will craft a custom, step-by-step conditioning strategy.

Improve your fitness.

We’ll train you in proven techniques and work toward your goals.


Get stand-alone training.

If you’re just looking to do fitness training, you can schedule individual Posture Pro appointments for strength and cardio coaching.

Start Health Foundations Coaching.

If you want to address your health and vitality in a more comprehensive way, you can get Posture Pro services through our coaching program.