Ideal Protein Weight Loss

Sustain muscle mass.

Many methods focus on rapid weight loss without addressing full-body health. With our safe process, you’ll reset your body to burn fat without losing muscle.

Develop healthier habits.

We’ll focus on developing a healthier mindset and better rhythms, including eliminating damaging self-talk, food attachment, and other barriers to long-term success.

Reimagine your possibilities.

When you lose the extra weight, you’ll also gain the freedom to do more of what you love, from family vacations to outdoor recreation and more.


After losing over 100lbs, Jean traveled to Europe and hiked in the Swiss Alps.


Brian quickly recovered from hip replacement surgery and takes daily 3-mile walks.


30lbs lighter, Jill is back to running 10k events and swimming.

With the extra weight gone, what will you do?

How It Works


01) Get a free consultation

We’ll meet with you to discuss your goals, explain how Ideal Protein works, and help you decide if it’s a good fit for you.


02) Create a plan

If you choose to start the program, we’ll begin by putting together a roadmap for your weight loss journey.


03) Lose weight

Every week, we’ll meet for 15 minutes to discuss your eating plan, make a grocery list, and provide you with supplements.


04) Stabilize your habits

We’ll work with you to stabilize at a healthy weight and give you the mental tools you need to sustain healthy habits.


05) Maintain your healthy weight

At this point, it won’t be necessary to meet weekly, but you’ll still get the chance to check in and receive support when you need it.


“I came to Align Wellness for help losing weight. The Ideal Protein program is really straight forward and Karen, the coach, has a wealth of knowledge, amazing personal results and good cheer. She helps with my confidence through the rough patches of transition. I’m halfway to my 50 pound weight loss goal and loving the results.”

Joan C.

Weight Loss Support at Align Wellness

Meeting consistently is a key component in our program’s success. Studies show that when you have an accountability partner, you have a higher chance of meeting your goals.


65% success rate in meeting your goal when you commit to someone


95% success rate when you set recurring meetings about that goal

-The American Society of Training and Development