Advanced BioStructural Correction™

Expect more.

This unique method goes far beyond alleviating pain. With regular adjustments, you will notice other improvements which may include better breathing, more energy, improved digestion and more.

Recover your freedom.

When your structure is corrected, you’ll notice that your mobility and physical capacity will expand and you’ll be able to access movement that you haven’t in years.

Enjoy what you love.

While relieving pain is our first goal, our longer-term purpose is to increase your physical ability to do things you love; like traveling, recreation, and staying active with your family.

What is Advanced BioStructural Correction™?

Because even minor distortions to posture can have big impacts on your health, it is important to keep your body aligned and your posture intact. Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (ABC™) is a non-surgical approach to improving your posture. It aligns the bones that go out of place in ways your body cannot naturally self-correct. Read and watch more about ABC™.

Addressing Issues at Their Root


ABC™ corrects the cause of many pains and symptoms

When your body is misaligned, your muscles will overwork to compensate. This is where pain often originates. Correcting overall alignment can alleviate pain in many areas of the body, including your head, back, hips, shoulders, knees, and feet.


ABC™ resets proper body functioning.

Because posture is connected to every physiological function, the ABC™ protocol uniquely improves problems you may never have realized were related to structure. Patients often see improvement in the following areas:

  • Brain function
  • Nervous system
  • Digestion
  • Lungs
  • Heart


After suffering with plantar fasciitis, I was convinced I would never walk or run properly again without pain and discomfort. I found Align Wellness when searching for Xero Shoes, and the rest is history! I no longer have pain when I walk, sit or stand and I’m back to running and being active with my family, who all make regular visits to Align Wellness as well!

Tannys C.

How It Works


First, we’ll discuss where you have been experiencing discomfort and determine where your body is out of alignment.


Dr. Farrell will safely and precisely correct structural issues that your body cannot self-correct.


Finally, we’ll put together a plan for recurring adjustments to maintain your healthy body structure.


Get Advanced BioStructural Correction™

If you’re looking to address structural issues, you can schedule an appointment to get started with Dr. Farrell on your course of care.

Start Health Foundations Coaching.

If you want to address your health in a more comprehensive way, you can get ABC™ services as part of our coaching program.