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User Agreement

Note: Privacy Policy is subject to change without notice.

By entering personally identifiable information through any webpage of you consent that all information provided may be kept on record within their business systems indefinitely or until removal is requested.

Also be entering a website you understand that various cookies may be used to collect your data. Some of these cookies may be collected by, and used by, Align Wellness. or by third party vendors that Align Wellness. gives permission to, such as Google Analytics, or Shopify, for example. 

The user understands that Align Wellness will do its absolute best to make sure that any data collected from you is secured either by them, or by one of their vendors. However, in some extreme circumstances your personal information may be compromised. If some, or all, of your data and/or personal information is compromised, you understand that you will not harm, or try to harm, Align Wellness in any way, such as suing. Also, that Align Wellness will promptly inform you if they believe that your personal information, and/or data, has been, or may have been compromised.

How We Use Your Data

Personal information collected on this website or others is used by Align Wellness primarily as a means for them to record contact information and messages for business inquiry from users that willingly submit such information on any page throughout Align Wellness, or other websites maintained or managed by Align Wellness. Such personal information submitted by users of their websites can be used to initiate communication with the identity, electronically and by phone.

Other such uses of collected data and/or information (such as data/information collected with cookies) may also be used to track website performance or to store data and/or information on or off site (such as third party cloud storage). Personal information and/or data are kept as secure, confidential, and exclusively within the ownership of Align Wellness or its third party vendors(such as Google), as possible. Align Wellness will not sell, share, or rent such information to any outside party (with the exceptions of using a trusted third party vendor) unless for any reason required by the mandate of law to disclose.

Identity Verification

Align Wellness is not responsible for validating the true identity of the person for whom the contact information was given. In the event that they believe the contact information collected does not represent the true identity of the individual or organization contacted, they will immediately delete all information from their records. The contents of any business inquiry or message may be actively kept on record at their discretion.

Users who have submitted personally identifiable information to Align Wellness, Incorporated may, at any time, request that their contact records and message details be deleted. Any request for the removal of personal data from their business systems should be sent to the email of or a letter written to the address of 6217 Roosevelt Way NESeattle, WA 98115.