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Shoulder Pain

Your shoulder joint is highly mobile or at least it should be! One reason it is so mobile is because it has so many muscles pulling on it from so many directions. The other reason is the shape of the joint itself. Muscles that pull on your shoulder at one end are attached to other bones at the opposite end. Though you may not have thought about it much, bones in your body get moved from their ideal spot and too often can’t find their way back to their optimal location.

When this happens, these bones pull on the muscles attached to your shoulder. If enough of this goes on or adds up, your shoulder will constantly be fighting tighter and tighter muscles leading to pain and lost range-of-motion. While it will feel good to get the muscles released with massage, massage will only temporarily lengthen the muscle providing relief. Get the massage, sure, but get to Align Wellness to get the underlying cause corrected. That way you can go back to all of your activities sooner and more completely.

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