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Plantar Fasciitis

As debilitating and long lasting as Plantar Fasciitis can be, as unrelenting as Plantar Fasciitis is for most people, it doesn’t need to be that way. While I can not speak for all people and all cases, since learning the work that I do now, I have not had a person who came in to Align Wellness with Plantar Fasciitis not return to normal activity within six or eight weeks WHEN they follow my recommendations for both office care and home care.

Clearly your feet do a lot of work supporting you all day. You drive for tens of thousands of miles on your car tires and don’t think twice about them holding up. They’re designed to and you expect them to. Well, your feet are designed to as well. But your feet don’t live in isolation. They get distorted by things as far away from them as your head position.

While most people are busy trying to figure out how to relieve the poor foot tissues that are in pain, too few are figuring out why those poor tissues are in pain in the first place. (The answer is chronic physical pulling from a distant site.) This is an important difference and one that distinguishes health care from symptom care. If you get headaches and you constantly take ibuprofen or some drug and the headaches go away that may be wonderful relief but the drug is not correcting the problem. If it was, you wouldn’t need the drug any more. (Not good for the drug company.) True health care would actually correct The Cause of the headache so that you return to normal, headache-free living.

Sadly, as much as we’d like to consciously be able to correct these distortions that lead to problems like Plantar Fasciitis, we simply cannot. They need to be corrected by a professional who understands which bones move in which directions that the body cannot self-correct and who also is capable of restoring their position in the appropriate way at the appropriate time.

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