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Neck Pain, Dystonia

One of the main mistakes practitioners make in working with people is that they, far too often, mistake the area of pain with the area of problem. Of course the area of pain and the area of the problem or cause of the pain can be one and the same but they usually are not. If your friend is jumping up and down and lands on your foot, those two areas are the same. There was damage to your tissues in your foot. However, many pains that people get occur “unprovoked” meaning nothing specifically happened to those tissues. Neck pain (even from sleeping “wrong”) is one situation that is frequently due some area other than the neck being the problem.

Here is an example of how this works. Imagine standing next to your BFF. Your BFF is really tired and leans on you. If you don’t quickly rearrange yourself and brace against this added weight, you will both fall down. No good. For a few minutes you are more than happy and able to support your BFF without any trouble. But as time goes on, it gets harder and you body starts to feel more effort. Do you blame your body for feeling this way? Of course not because you KNOW that if your BFF wasn’t leaning on you you’d be fine. The problem is your BFF leaning on you. The longer you hold up your BFF, the harder it will get for you and the more uncomfortable.

In this example your neck is you - the part that is keeping both of you from falling onto the floor - and some other part of you (your midback or low back or pelvis or multiple areas) is your BFF and has moved in a way that is forcing your neck to work extra hard to keep you upright.

Even though I have witnessed this thousands of times, it is still remarkable how the appropriate correction of the part that is causing the problem, resolves the neck discomfort and even greatly improves dystonia.

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