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Lower Back Pain

Understanding Low Back Pain fully take years and some luck to find the right teacher. Fortunately, I’ve had the luck of finding the right teacher. I’ve also been at this for over twenty years.

Cutting to the chase, however, there are some very simple mechanics at play that lead to and accentuate Low Back Pain. Think of your body as a top-heavy pole weighing exactly what your body weighs. Now, imagine the top part of your body falling forward, even a little bit. Your body now has to hold itself up - somehow.

Often, when things above the low back fall forward (happens a lot!!!) your body holds itself up by shifting things around and increasing the curve in your low back. Your muscles are now working much harder - though you probably don’t even notice (That’s how “good” our bodies are to us. They effort tirelessly and rarely make a peep.)

As time continues, more things shift forward and your low back has more to do, the bones in your low back shift position in compensation, they move less and in abnormal patterns, your tissues break down and finally, your body can’t go on without “saying anything” so it shouts PAIN and your body locks up and, well, all the symptoms that you are likely familiar with if you are reading this happen.

Here’s the thing, though. Your low back that is in so much pain isn’t the cause of the pain. If you do what needs to be done (quite simple, really) to get the load off of your low back you will feel far better quickly. What needs to be done? All the things above your low back that are making your low back work hard need to be re-stacked in gravity. There is a specific process for this it is called Align Wellness.

Any approach that doesn’t address the bone posture component will, at best, help you feel better. Without simple, bone-posture correction short-term relief will too often lead to long-term complications.

The last thing to add to this right now is that at Align Wellness, you don’t have to take our word for it. We actually demonstrate with you how different activities are causing these long term problems and then we teach how you can minimize your chances for problems in the future. Prevention, after all, is the best approach!

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