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Hip Pain and Sciatica

Many problems come from the feet up, from our shoes. That is one reason we at Align Wellness spend so much time teaching people about the effects that different shoes have on posture and health.

Whether your hip pain or sciatica started at the level of your shoes or not, the key problem is how the distortion in your physical body, your structure, got locked in. With the distortion locked in at the bone level (usually in the spine), you can still find relief through the many ways of relaxing muscles, but the damage is continuing to worsen unchecked.

If you look in the mirror at your posture, you will see that you are not perfectly balanced and symmetrical. That is certainly common. Yet, the distortions in your posture affect every other part of your body. Your hips, very mobile joints with very strong muscles, have a tremendous capacity to compensate for distortions elsewhere in your body. While this is tremendously helpful, when those distortions last and last and your hips work too hard for too long to compensate, you end up with hip pain.

If you are tired and in pain from working out, you take a rest and feel better. Correcting hip pain is as simple as giving your hips a rest by correcting the distortions for which your hip muscles are compensating, 24/7, though you don’t even feel it.

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