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Weight Loss With Muscle Retention

There are hundreds of weight loss programs. They’ve all helped someone or perhaps many people lose weight. Most people are able to lose weight. But the gain it back and more. Losing weight can mean many things. For most people, unbeknownst to them, losing weight means losing muscle. This is the opposite of a good idea. Your muscle weighs more than your fat AND your muscle burns calories. If you want to be smart about losing weight you need to specify that the program you go on is about losing weight from fat and only fat.

While I was slow to bring a weight loss program into my clinic, I am very glad. The program we brought in has had a 100% success rate for people who have followed the program. The consistency has been astounding. Due to our outstanding coach, Karen Knight, and how she brings clients through the four phases of the program, people complete the program with new habits and understandings. They know how to maintain their gains or even reboot the program for short periods should life and diet get a bit out-of-hand.

Food is chemistry and chemistry is so important to life. Are bodies can do a lot yet there are indispensable needs that can only be met through our diets. Exercise is an inefficient way for most people to lose weight. People usually want to eat more of the wrong things when they exercise. Of course, it doesn’t have to be. At Align Wellness Weight Loss, we can help you onto and through a program that can change your life inside a few months. We’re here for you if you are ready to get in the game.

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