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Brain Fog

Brain Fog is a condition in which one lacks clarity of thought and in which concentration and decision making are difficult at best. While there are certainly chemical (diet and nutritional) reasons for Brain Fog, many more cases are related to what has happened physically to the person’s body. Though certainly not equal, in the way that a metal tube gets bent and cannot be restored to it’s pre-bent condition, your body gets pushed and pulls in ways that it cannot recover from - EVEN THOUGH you may not feel any symptoms. When this happens enough and in certain ways, inside your body your spinal cord starts pulling on your brain stem (that part of your brain that extends from your head into your neck and becomes your spinal cord). When this happens, your brain function can be hindered leading to Brain Fog. Fortunately, releasing the stress in your body is a relatively simple, non-invasive process that we do every time we work with someone at Align Wellness.

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