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There are some key secrets to keeping a body working better. Applying these secrets as we do at Align Wellness can lead to faster recovery from illness and injury, better overall health and fewer injuries.

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While it may at first glance seem that the temporomandibular joints, or TMJs, are just minding their own business on the side of your head, the fact is they are very connected to the pulling...

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While there are many types of headaches, many of them come from stress (both physical and emotional stress). Usually, people with headaches will also notice neck tightness and discomfort...

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Brain Fog

Brain Fog is a condition in which one lacks clarity of thought and in which concentration and decision making are difficult at best. While there are certainly chemical (diet and nutritional) reasons for...

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Neck Pain, Dystonia

One of the main mistakes practitioners make in working with people is that they, far too often, mistake the area of pain with the area of problem. Of course the area of pain and the area of the problem...

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Shoulder Pain

Your shoulder joint is highly mobile or at least it should be! One reason it is so mobile is because it has so many muscles pulling on it from so many directions. The other reason is...

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Rib Pain and Difficult Breath

You have twenty-four ribs. Each rib has two joints where it attaches to your spine in the back and most of your ribs also attached to your sternum, or breastbone, on the front. When you...

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Elbow Pain

Three bones meet at your elbow. As long as these bones have the right relative positions one to the next and a normal amount of muscle tension on the muscles attached nearby, your elbow itself...

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Wrist and Hand Pain

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and many other wrist pains are causing too many people too much suffering for too long. However, unless the wrist was damaged by a direct fall onto the wrist or some...

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Lower Back Pain

Understanding Low Back Pain fully take years and some luck to find the right teacher. Fortunately, I’ve had the luck of finding the right teacher. I’ve also been at this for over twenty years. Cutting to the chase...

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Hip Pain and Sciatica

Many problems come from the feet up, from our shoes. That is one reason we at Align Wellness spend so much time teaching people about the effects that different shoes have on posture and...

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Knee Pain

Twisted between feet and hip and upper body, the knee is asked to compensate for a.) every step in a shoe and on a surface that distorts normal movement and for b.) every tension and...

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Plantar Fasciitis

As debilitating and long lasting as Plantar Fasciitis can be, as unrelenting as Plantar Fasciitis is for most people, it doesn’t need to be that way. While I can not speak for all people and...

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Weight Loss With Muscle Retention

There are hundreds of weight loss programs. They’ve all helped someone or perhaps many people lose weight. Most people are able to lose weight. But the gain it back and more. Losing weight can mean...

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