A•lign Well•ness
/ә ‘līn  ́welnә s/

Choosing integrated actions which improve your Structure, how you condition and how you Sustain your health and well-being.


There are some key secrets to keeping a body working better. Applying these secrets as we do at Align Wellness can lead to faster recovery from illness and injury, better overall health and fewer injuries.


Chiropractic Service

While you might expect us (as a healthcare facility) to say that health is the most important thing in life, we won’t do that. It isn’t. Your life, your passion, your motivations (we feel) are the most important things in life. It just so happens that having a body that works well, having health, makes living your passions that much better. And as you are not your body, you are the part inside you that runs your body, you have many choices on how you care for your body. I think of your body as the vessel you live in. What kind of vessel do you want? What do you want that vessel to be able to do?

There are many approaches to working on the human vessel. After 21 years of practice and searching for the approaches that will make the most fundamental changes, we have settled on Advanced BioStructural CorrectionTM (ABCTM). This is a variation (a very significant variation) on Diversified Technique. It is different, in part, due to changes in some of the alignments we do. It is also different in the things we don’t do – for specific reasons.

In any case, since learning ABCTM and becoming an Instructor in the technique, I have had the best results in my 20+ years of working with people’s issues at Align Wellness. Whether you are certain you want to improve your body Structure to improve your health or if you simply have unanswered questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We love to help!

Weight Loss

One statistic stands out when it comes to longevity. That statistic is a low body weight. Unfortunately, many social and physiological factors can easily pull us into habits that lead us away from low body weight.

At Align Wellness, we also work with people who are ready to improve their health through weight loss. As an Ideal Protein® clinic, we help people consistently and predictably lose weight with this medically supervised, partial meal replacement program. Dieters learn to prepare healthy meals, improve food choices during social situations, reach their goal weight and then gradually phase off of the diet.

The success rate for dieters who stay on the program is astonishing. My favorite comment was from a dieter who didn’t want to go on the diet. Once she realized it was her best option to lose weight she committed to the program, lost 40 pounds and then wished she could stay on the program forever because it is so easy!

For people who want weight loss and don’t feel like Ideal Protein® is right for them, we also do individual weight and nutrition coaching sessions to help people get on the right track. Feel free to call for additional information about either Ideal Protein® or Coaching Sessions.

Fitness / Nutrition

The technology behind Align Wellness is more than alignment and a weight loss program. Even with the many physiological differences from person to person, there are specific principles that are consistent from person to person.

In order to support and get the most from your body it is important to pay attention to the intersection between how you use your body (in daily life and fitness activities) and what that use does to your body. The effects that different things we do have on our bodies are highly neglected (if not entirely) in the world of health care.

At Align Wellness, we show and let people experience what different activities and exercises are doing to their underlying structure (either good or bad) and how to minimize damage and maximize results. What could be better than a way to get stronger (muscles), for example, without doing harm to the structure that holds those muscles?

Please call for additional information about how you can improve your results through a person-to- person coaching consultation at Align Wellness.

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