Do you work with people who do not have insurance?
We absolutely do. Many of our patients are in this category.
Do you work with insurance?

Your Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (ABC™) appointments are eligible to submit to insurance through your chiropractic benefits. Ideal Protein and Health Foundations Coaching are not part of insurance benefits, but the ABC™ portion of Health Foundations Coaching can be submitted to insurance.

Advanced BioStructural Correction™


ABC™ utilizes a different set of adjustments with different results than other chiropractic methods. This unique approach corrects bone position in a way that can provide benefits beyond your muscle and skeletal systems, such as improved physical functioning in your brain, nervous system, digestion, lungs, and heart.

How often will I need to return?

Return visits vary based on what you want to achieve. After assessing your condition and discussing your goals, we will provide a recommended return schedule.

Do adjustments hurt?

Our adjustments are specifically targeted to effectiveness. Whatever discomfort they cause is due to the pain a person already has. Even so, if there is discomfort it is usually minimal and worked through quickly.

Is “cracking” normal?

The “cracking” sound is normal, but is irrelevant to results. The sound is simply gas escaping from joints in your body. Corrections can be effective even when they do not produce that sound.

Ideal Protein

Can I eat real food on the Ideal Protein program?

Ideal Protein food products are a key part of the Ideal Protein method, but that’s not the only thing you’ll be able to eat. We will work through your grocery list and discuss real food options to go along with your Ideal Protein foods.

How many pounds can I lose on Ideal Protein?

On average, women typically lose about two pounds per week and men lose about three pounds per week. People consult us to lose anywhere between 10 pounds and 200 pounds with Ideal Protein.

How quickly might I expect to see results?

You can expect to see results by the end of your first week!

How often will I have to come back?

In order to renew your food supply and keep up momentum and success, coaching meetings are scheduled weekly. They continue until the final phase-off, which is based on your individual goals. Following program completion, we offer check-in appointments to help with questions and needs that arise. People generally like to come in once per month after they have phased off the program.

Health Foundations Coaching

How often do we meet?

In Person Program: The Health Foundations coaching program is scheduled for a minimum of three months. It includes weekly Bedrock Coaching, ABC™ treatments 1-3 times per week and strength and conditioning two times per week to start reducing to once per week.

Remote Program: The Health Foundations coaching program is scheduled weekly for a minimum of three months. It includes weekly coaching, training and tracking to maximize headspace, Structure, Condition and Nutrition results.

Is this program just for people experiencing pain?

No. Health Foundations Coaching provides benefits far beyond its benefits for pain. In fact, the best approach to pain, especially chronic pain, is to build health and fitness. This is the very point of Health Foundations Coaching.

What sort of exercises do you teach?

Exercises are based on your capacity and goals. You will learn both strength and cardio exercises tailored to your interests.This can be body-weight workouts, using exercise bands, using weights, walking, running, cycling, hiking, elliptical machines, and much more….it’s you specific.

How much more active could I be from this program?

Results will vary. There are people who do very little exercise and who do not feel at all strong who can get to a condition where they can run a marathon if they choose to (not necessary). Some people who are already fit are excited to discover that they can still further improve their performance.