Karen Knight

Springing the Food Trap

You certainly might be plain ol’ hungry when you get home from work. If you’re like others I talk with, though, it may be something other than starvation causing you to get stuck in the Food Trap after work. It could be:

·         You’re tired. When tired, we often want food to “boost” their energy even though we might not actually be hungry.

·         Habit - like my husband. (Shhhh, don’t tell him I said that.) Food grabbing could be a way to physically and emotionally transition from one activity to another. My hunch is that the granola bar industry was born from this habit.

Take heart if you are a food grabber. All is not lost! Self-awareness can be a powerful ally. To Spring the Food Trap, you can 1.) notice being tired and 2.) change your habits. If you find yourself raiding your cabinets and refrigerator after work, the following tricks can help keep you from over-doing it:

  • Plan and portion a snack in advance either before work or the previous evening. One of my favorite snacks is pickled cucumbers.  (You’ll find the recipe at
  • Take a deep breath, sit down and then eat and enjoy that tasty, healthy and portioned snack while sitting - no matter how much you want to     dive right in. 

Remember, you and your life are worth the effort.

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