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5 Tips for a Healthier August

It is kind of ironic that summertime can be so challenging for people to stay on Phase 1 of Ideal Protein (IP).  It's ironic because summer offers the most amazing Ideal Protein-friendly vegetables.  Not only are there so many varieties of fresh grown produce, outdoor grilling is a great way to enjoy vegetables and protein/meat. Here are a several ideas to help make summer gatherings fun while staying focused on successful weight loss through IP.  When you’re going to a summer BBQ:

1. Offer to bring a salad. If you bring a salad, you know you’ll be able to fill your plate with a dish that is Phase 1 compliant. The beauty of a salad is that it can be enjoyed by everyone. And you get to make it to your personal liking!

2. Fill up on vegetables first.When you fill up on vegetables and/or a salad first, you’re less tempted by other food.   

3. Sneak in smarter snacks.Bring along some Ideal Protein Sweet & Spicy Trail Mix or BBQ Soy nuts to snack on.  They don’t melt (!) and they taste good by themselves or on top of a salad.  I also bring zucchini chips to share.  They’re delicious, easy to make, and help take care of all that zucchini that’s coming from my garden.  You can find the recipe at   

4. Know your portions. Keep in mind that a tennis ball is about 1 cup, your cellphone is approximately 3 oz. of meat, and your thumb is roughly 1 Tbsp.

5. Dress up your drink. My current favorites include: Twinnings Earl Gray with Lavender Iced Tea, LaCroix (any flavor), and Mangosteen Water Enhancer from Ideal Protein.  An occasional Sparkling Ice can be refreshing, too.

And, of course, focus on your friends and family. Good company always makes delicious and healthy food taste that much better.

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