Our Promise:


We will recommend care that we would specifically choose for ourselves and our loved ones.


We will always give you detailed information explaining why we’re recommending a specific treatment.


We will never move forward with any treatment or adjustments without your permission.


We will always keep both your short-term and long-term health in mind when recommending solutions.

About Dr. Dirk Farrell

When Dr. Farrell was just 15 years old, he was told he could die at any moment of high physical effort, due to a heart defect. Not willing to sit still, he continued to stay active through cycling. But at age 27, complications got worse and he needed open-heart surgery. That began his long search for deeper, more lasting health.

Dr. Farrell became a Doctor of Chiropractic, but didn’t stop there. Through hours of research and exploration, he developed a methodology that allowed him to live the active lifestyle he wanted. After years of working in traditional chiropractic, he discovered Advanced BioStructural Correction™ and was blown away by the results he noticed in his patients. When combined with other lifestyle changes, many of his patients went on to gain mobility and freedom that they hadn’t realized was possible.

At age 57, Dr. Farrell consistently does as much physical activity as he did in his early 40s. His average yearly activity includes over 3,000 miles of cycling and running. He also enjoys spending time outdoors hiking and backpacking with his family.

About Karen Knight

For Karen, family always came first. As the mother of three (two children and her husband), she worked hard for many years and paid too little attention to her own health in order to support her family’s needs. While she had been active through her 30s, in her 40s, she started to put on weight.

One day, as the family planned their next vacation, her son asked “Can we make sure to plan something that mom can do?” This was a wakeup call, and Karen realized that she needed to prioritize taking care of herself.

She discovered Ideal Protein and within four months she was 45 pounds lighter. An emotional weight much greater than 45 pounds had also been lifted. Since then, Karen has been on multiple, active trips with her family, including a seven-day kayaking trip in British Columbia.

Karen and her husband Dr. Farrell immediately brought the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program into Align Wellness, so she could help other people achieve the freedom and lifestyle that she was able to attain.