Your Health Blueprint Seminar – April 29th

What is the Your Health Blueprint Seminar about?

So many of us believe our health is defined by our genetics, injuries, or habits. The truth is that our health is based on a far more encompassing system – an internal blueprint that most of us aren’t aware of. This blueprint impacts our physical, mental, and emotional health.

The Your Health Blueprint Seminar is about discovering your blueprint.

What do you mean by Blueprint?

A Blueprint is a guide, or set of plans, for creating something else. Your Blueprint contains plans that you inherit, you create consciously, and far more that you create unconsciously. Together these plans create how you feel and experience your health and life.

For example, you may try to exercise regularly but your commitment fades within a couple of weeks. Your choice to exercise is hard to maintain if it goes against your internal blueprint, which let’s just say for this example, believes you’re not the ‘athletic’ type because you never played sports as a kid.

Why should I care about my Blueprint?

Your Blueprint is the system that, if understood and nourished, can help you go from struggling with your health and life to allowing your health to flow with ease.

The first step is to discover your Blueprint in my seminar. We look forward to you joining us!

How do I register for the Your Health Blueprint Seminar?

Call Karen at 206-883-4473

Seminar Details:
When: Sat., April 29, 2023 9am – 5pm
Where: 8832 28th Ave NW Seattle, WA 98117
Investment: $149 for April Seminar only. Usually $325


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