Two Hours of Now Women’s Circle

Why a Women’s Circle?

So often we run our lives based on rules and roles of who we think we should be. All that thinking can get in the way of truly living into who we are. Two Hours of Now (THoN) Women’s Circle is a safe space to explore, experience, and express your true self.

Finding the edges of our feelings and leaning into them is a big part of what this evening is about. These processes help us expand our capacity for feeling without having them “hijack” us and take over our decision making. Practicing staying sovereign within our emotions is key to learning to know and stay true to ourselves.

What can I expect at a THoN Women’s Circle?

Through introspective exercises and activities, you will have an opportunity to come into yourself – both light and dark, with the support of other women. Activities will vary, and likely include some processing of emotions. Activities such as:
· Breath work
· Movement
· Leading and following
· Sharing and caring
· Working in pairs or triads with prompts that take you inward

What does it mean to offer a “safe space”?

At the foundation, our circle is based on following the principles of CHAOS:
· Confidentiality
· Honesty
· Acceptance and Non-Judgment
· Own your “stuff” / responsibility
· Sacred—bringing importance and meaning, presence and respect

Is there a religious affiliation to Two Hours of Now?

We have no religious affiliation or focus and do not represent any kind of organization.  We are your neighbor, friend, and fellow humans that want to be of service by strengthening community.

Why is a man hosting a women’s circle?

Dirk hosts the women’s circle, so women can have a chance to confront feelings they have toward men or a man and be able to express that without argument, concern over being “shut down” or fear of retribution. There are men’s circles that are run by women, for similar reasons.

Call/Text Karen Knight @ 206-883-4473 to reserve your spot!

Time & Place:
  • Mondays, 7:00 – 9:00pm
  • 8832 28th Ave NW, Seattle WA 98117
  • Open to 12 people
  • Cash Donation: minimum $30, $50, $70+ based on your prosperity

“I am so grateful for your vision and passion in creating a space and facilitating Two Hours of Now. It has been a beautiful experience to walk through. I see such a transformation in my life from just a few months ago… I’m experiencing so much more joy than I think I ever have… Even despite the cancer diagnosis; I see it as communication and a catalyst for change, that it truly has benefited me.”
– K.B.



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