The Impact of Impact

I was recently asked at a men’s retreat in Arizona by a 52 year old, “What can I do to get more limber and in shape?”

The first thing that I told him was to start hopping up and down. He can do this with jumping jacks, with jumping rope, with jumping up stairs, jumping off curbs, off rocks, off fallen trees, box jumping, etc. The more the better (well, working up somewhat gradually to more.)  Just not on a trampoline or even a small “bouncer.”

Hopping and jumping movements signals your bones that they need density. It signals your ligaments that they need integrity. It signals your muscles that they need strength. It gets your heart working. It gets your cerebellum which regulates your movement working in new ways. It gets your balance system working. It gets your feet working.

And speaking of feet, doing any of this BAREFOOT is the best for your body overall…especially if you’re outside in the grass or dirt.

I shared this with a woman who is in her 70s. At first she could barely hop herself off of the floor and she had a notable fear of falling when she did. A week later, after hopping multiple times a day, she had a new confidence that showed up delightfully in her smile as she showed me her new abilities!

How might you transform if YOU do a bit of hopping every day?



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