The Three Foundations of Health and Health Hacks: The You You Want To Be

The What of Health:

Health isn’t being pain free. Health is all of your cells and organs doing what they are supposed to do fully without restriction. All of your cells and organs can be working perfectly without interference and you can still have pain. After all, are you unhealthy if you sprain your ankle? Of course not. Your cells are actually doing exactly what they need to do to heal you. However, you may still experience pain.

The How of Health:

Though more complicated than we have space for now, health isn’t really that difficult. Your body knows how to create health if you give it the right environment. There are three parts to creating the right environment. First you need to have all of your parts arranged in good physical relationships. Clearly, your head can’t be on backwards! On a finer level, though, the posture of your skeletal system cannot be distorted in ways that adversely affect your nerves, organs, vascular system or muscles. I call this Structure. You need to have a well organized Structure.

The second part needed for health is to use your body. We’ve all heard the phrase “Use it or lose it!” Well, there’s a lot of truth to that. When you use your body in ways that challenge it, you are improving its capacity. Because bodies are so efficient, they give up capacity when you don’t use them. Giving up capacity or function is the exact opposite of creating health. I refer to efforts to increase (or at least maintain) physical capacity as Condition. Health requires it.

The third part needed for health is to Nourish your body. Your body is a very complex assembly line. The product is you. The line regularly and repeatedly replaces every cell in your body. Like any assembly line, the end product is dependent on having all of the necessary pieces to assemble. You are no different. If your Nourishment is not providing the right things, is not providing enough of the right things, and/or is putting the wrong things inside you (which your body then has to deal with) you are not going to get the best output from the assembly line.

The You You Want to Be:

To some degree, almost any effort to improve your Structure, Condition, and Nourishment can be helpful. However, it’s important to learn how these needs are interconnected in thinking about the outcome you want for your body in 20-40 years. Your body’s Condition can damage or support your Structure. Your Condition can affect your Nourish needs. Changing your Structure can enhance your Condition, and changing your Nourish choices can increase muscle mass.

You are probably also familiar with the phrase, “A failure to plan is a plan to fail.” Planning is very important for anyone who is remotely interested in what their health and physical capacities are going to be in 20 or so years (maybe less if you are already in your 40s). And the connection between these areas (Structure, Condition, Nourish) are exceedingly important because no one is talking about them. No one is talking about them as a whole because this framework is new. To talk about the pieces without taking the whole into consideration is, at a minimum, incomplete and, at a maximum, very dangerous from a health perspective.

In the world of sales (selling this, that or the other), what is most important is that “you” buy something! It’s usually not important if that something (product or service) is truly better for you in the long run. Without a basic understanding of some simple principles, and a certain prudence around choices, your outcomes are much more haphazard than necessary. Much more haphazard than I care to experience.

Whether you are considering your ability to earn a living, avoiding exorbitant medical expenses that use up your earnings, being able to fully participate in the activities and friendships you wish to have, actually being able to do the things you dreamed of in your retirement, or a thousand other considerations, having a foundational understanding of how your body works and how these three Foundations of Health of Structure, Condition and Nourish interrelate can make a tremendous difference in your long-term well-being. If it improves your well-being even five percent, it will improve the well-being of the people around you too; both family and friends.

At Align Wellness, not only do we improve the body structure issues that people have (think of the many muscle, joint, body-part pains or aches) that their bodies cannot correct on their own, we offer in-person and long-distance coaching programs to help you safely and simply improve your Condition and/or how you choose to Nourish your body.

Are you interested in learning more? Contact us to schedule a Structure, Condition, or Nourish Consultation today!



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