The Path to Healthy Transformation: Nine Points

The Path to Healthy Transformation: Nine Points

I. Definition of Health:  Health is a continuum from dying to radiant.

“Healthy” is being at your best function and vitality which happen when your Structure is neutral (aligned optimally), your body is Conditioned appropriately and you Sustain yourself with quantities and qualities of water and food specifically appropriate to you.

II. Definition of Transformation: Transformation is a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.

Health transformation (on the improvement side of things) is the outcome when you purposefully improve your INvironment through improvements to your Structure, and how you Condition and Sustain your Structure. This will certainly effect your outward appearance and your internal experience.

III. Your body is a physical thing in a physical universe and it MUST obey all physical laws. Based on how your body works, it is a direct reflection of what has gone into it; physically, mentally, emotionally – consciously and otherwise – during your own life and also what was bestowed upon you through your parents, and their parents, etc.

IV. Your body is automatically Pro-Survival. Until the last moment of life, your nervous system will create new connections trying to find a way to stay alive.

V.  Whatever your health is right now, it is exactly as it should be based on your present INvironment.

VI.  If you change your INvironment your future health must change. What direction do you want your health to go?

VII. If the crop is not growing as hoped, the farmer amends the soil. This is the best way to grow healthier crops. To amend the soil, smart farmers will, among other things, add the right minerals and the right amount of water. You as a living being need to do the same through your food and water.

VIII. You are more complex than a crop. You have bones, which, when misaligned cause problems for your muscles, joints, nerves and much more. When bones are “out” muscles hurt, nerves get pinched, organs get compressed, and so on. Researchers have stated that posture effects literally every physical function in our bodies. Your posture comes from the position of your bones, one relative to the next.

IX. The Path to Healthy Transformation, then, is the process of   a.) getting your Structure truly aligned through the process which Align Wellness uses (we can show you why),    b.) Conditioning your body in ways that don’t harm your Structure and    c.) Sustaining your body with food and water choices that bring in the minerals and nutrients you need while keeping toxins out.



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