The critical foundations to a better you

How stable would your house be if the builders forgot to build a foundation under one of the walls?

Of course, your house would be very unstable. The other walls and materials would be under constant stress trying to hold up that last wall. Each passing day, week and year things would get worse and other systems would be ever more challenged.

The same is true with your health. Your health, however, has three walls. They are called Structure, Condition and Sustain.

If you don’t support your Structure wall by getting the bones that have moved out of position in ways that your body cannot self-corrected corrected you will suffer physical breakdown in very avoidable ways. The only process I have found to be consistent in correcting these issues is called Advanced BioStructural Correction™. Because of this, ABC™ is the only approach to structural correction practiced at Align Wellness.

If you don’t support your Condition wall, you are opening yourself to unnecessary cardiovascular, lung, muscle and tendon issues. AND if you support your Condition wall in the wrong ways, though you may get stronger, you will also be ruining your Structure wall. Knowing ABC™ and the consistent and repeatable axioms that it is based on it is easy to learn how to Condition your body while minimizing harm to your Structure.

Last and not least, if you don’t support your Sustain wall with the right water and food choices, no amount of support for your Structure and Condition walls will make up for it. Sure, they will hold out a bit longer, but this wall is equally as important as they are to your health. After all, the more you condition your body, the more important certain aspects of your water and food become.



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