Feel the Burn? It’s a Clue.

Feel the burn? It’s a clue.

As often happens, an athletic patient came into my office today feeling better than they had. One of the things they noted about their body, however, was that it had that “good post-workout soreness.” You know that lingering soreness, ache, pain, and irritation tells you that “you worked out hard”?

Here’s the catch: After working on this person for five minutes (realigning their body in that special way that we do here at Align Wellness) the soreness was gone.


Did the muscles really just happen to recover at that moment OR is there something going on that folks simply don’t know about? Choose door #2 – there’s something going on that folks just don’t know about.

The reality is that the soreness from working out is NOT soreness because the muscles were used, even if used hard. If it were, the soreness would not have gone away as fast nor as consistently as this happens with people. In fact, the soreness is due to bones that were shifted during the workout that the body could not restore to their normal position. When the bones are restored by outside means (see Align Wellness), the soreness stops.

Mind you, this soreness that I’m talking about is different than the fatigue and tiredness you may expect from a workout. These feelings are from the depletion of energy stores.

When your body is aligned well and you haven’t pulled bones into positions your body cannot self-correct, you should expect to feel quite fresh after a short rest following your exercise. This is quite identifiable with interval training. The exertion can be exhausting in the short term yet in a matter of minutes you can feel very energetic though the muscles you used during that interval may be fatigued.

Certain movements will consistently pull bones out of place in ways your body cannot self-correct. Sometimes, this is unavoidable, but, many times, a few adjustments can be of great help. For example, modifying your workout to minimize the damage from out of place bones will not only give you less discomfort, but will also yield better results, including faster recovery and more gains.

Interested in getting help and improving your workouts in a body-friendly way? I do in-person and phone training consultations as well as in-person structural correction of those bones that have moved in directions your body cannot self-correct.



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