Fall Is the New Year

Many of you know that I was an Ideal Protein client before becoming a Health Coach.  What you may not know is that I started the Ideal Protein protocol in the Fall.  It was the perfect time of year – summer vacation and parties were over and the holiday frenzy was months away.

I also chose to start my Ideal Protein journey in the Fall because it’s the time of year that I’m most open to changing things up in my life – whether it’s trying something new (symphony tickets) or restarting a good habit (packing lunches).

Ideal Protein Before & After

I know I’m not alone. Over the years, I have helped quite a few Ideal Protein clients lose weight in the Fall.  Some people come in to lose the few pounds they gained over the Summer.  Other clients start Ideal Protein in the Fall because they’re afraid.  Afraid that if they don’t lose weight now, they’ll balloon out of control during the holidays.    

Whether you’ve put on a few pounds or want to take your weight loss journey to the next level, let me know.

I’m here to help.




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