Every Supplement Has a Story

I recently had a conversation with a client about her struggle to take all of her supplements while doing Phase 1 of Ideal Protein.  I realized she was forgetting to take her supplements, in part, because she didn’t understand their importance.  I get it – I’m less likely to remember something if it doesn’t seem important.

Most of us know that food gives us energy.  Certainly within the Ideal Protein protocol, that energy is often described as carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

Food is also a way to give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs.  In Phase 1 of Ideal Protein, though, we are reducing both the amount and the range of food you eat so the supplements help you maintain healthy levels of vitamins and minerals while you are eating less variety of food.

Here is a list of the supplements you should be taking and why:

Multi Vita boosts vitamins while you set aside certain vegetables, fruit, and dairy in Phase 1.  You may experience gum tenderness or bleeding when some of your vitamin levels get low.

Potassium is an important mineral that helps your nervous system and heart function.  You lose potassium in urine and sweat.  Some of the food you eat on Phase 1 has potassium but you are not eating enough volume to meet daily needs.  You know your body is low in potassium if you experience leg cramps or feel heart palpitations.  

Cal-Mag is an invaluable combination of minerals that help in many ways.  Calcium has been known to help release fat from cells.  Magnesium helps our bodies absorb calcium (in addition to helping manage blood sugars and weight) and reduce inflammation.  Low magnesium can give you muscle cramps at night and many other problems besides.  

Omegas contain essential fatty acids, which help your body make healthy cells, manage blood pressure and cholesterol, and contribute to good brain function(They are considered essential because your body cannot make them on its own.) Essential fatty acids primarily come from foods that aren’t part of Phase 1 or that most people eat very little of, such as fatty fish.  Brittle nails, dry skin, and difficulty sleeping are three signs that you may be low in Omegas.

I’ve found the best way to ensure taking supplements is to put them in a place that I routinely go to.  My supplements are in the bathroom, next to my toothbrush.

What are your tips for remembering to take your supplements? Please share!



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