Ditch your New Year’s resolutions

Most people start out the new year with a strong resolve to lose weight and get more exercise. By the end of January, a majority of people (88%) have failed to keep their resolutions. Instead, they are left with a bunch of unused exercise gear, an expensive gym membership, and a feeling of failure. How motivating is that?

It’s time to ditch this resolution-to-failure cycle and embrace a different approach. A different approach that gives you a sense of progress. 

If you want to make progress this year, commit to 2 things:

  • Focus on your “future you”
    Real change comes from being a different kind of person. You can’t be the same person, with the same habits, and lose weight. Decide who you want to be in a year. Write it down, with measurable goals. For example, losing weight is a common resolution. Losing 20lbs is a measurable goal.
  • Commit to an effective process
    Part of being a different person, is deciding you will follow a plan. An effective plan will help shape your daily habits, while moving you towards your goal. The Ideal Protein protocol is an effective plan that will help you meet your weight loss goal IF you follow the process. (Spoiler alert – it’s the daily process that creates habits. These new habits are the key to lasting change.)

Change may be automatic but progress is what makes us happy.

Here’s to a Happy New Year!



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