A Platter of Books

My friends and I started a holiday exchange many years ago. Initially, cookies were the focus because they were easy to make and everyone had a favorite recipe to share.  

Our holiday exchange changed the year my friend got diagnosed with diabetes. It’s not like she asked that we stop making trays of sugary treats. It just seemed like the cookie tradition had outlived its’ value.  

Goodbye cookies.  Hello books.

If you’re part of a holiday exchange (or want to start one), know that you don’t have to get stuck with a tray of cookies that you’ll regret eating.  

I’ve found the best holiday exchanges have room for a sense of surprise. Some holiday exchange themes I’ve really enjoyed include:

  • Books: new or used.  A dog-eared book reads just as well as a brand new copy.
  • Ornaments: Can be handmade or purchased at a local craft fair.
  • Tea: Caffeine or not? Loose or bagged?
  • Handmade Soap: Purchase some at the farmers’ market or make your own.

Be creative. Think outside the (cookie) box. And know that it truly is the thought that counts.



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