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Weight Loss

Yo Yo dieting is epidemic in the U.S. as are diabetes, the ever increasing numbers of overweight, over-tired and overly sick of all ages. The need to improve our health as a society through weight loss is tremendous. Untold suffering, injury, illness and all of the costs in personal self-esteem, income and much more are due directly to our being so overweight. Yet, dieting isn’t working. U.S. statistics are appalling.

The medical model of ‘do and eat whatever you want because we have pills that can help you with the problems that arise’ has failed. (Need emergency care? U.S. medicine is top dog. Need health? U.S. medicine is not top dog.) Sadly, like that old adage about insanity being ‘doing the same things over and over hoping for different results,’ we keep going back to the medical model to fix us, to make us right. Well, that model has failed, cost us untold trillions and it is time to move on.

It’s fascinating to realize that it may well be that the majority of our non-structure related ills are traceable to one underlying cause, a cause that we are responsible for each and every day of our lives; the stuff we put in our mouths. Here’s the thing…

Q: Want to lose weight?
A: Change your chemistry by changing what you drink and eat.

Q: Want to gain muscle? (Are you ready for this?)
A: Change your chemistry by changing what you drink and eat.

Q: Want to get sick less often and cure your current ills?
A: Change your chemistry by changing what you drink and eat.

The challenge is understanding what YOU specifically need to do to improve YOUR health. You are different than I. You look different, weigh different, talk different, etc. Each difference is because of differences in our chemistry (of which DNA is a part). Having different chemistries and needing to get healthy is like living in different parts of the world and getting to, say, Bali which represents healthy in this example. We all need to take different routes to get to Bali and the route that will get me there won’t get you there and vice versa. This is a perfect analogy, though, demonstrating that based on what is going in your body, you need different foods, quantities, supplements, etc than I do.

The “trick” to weight loss? First and foremost, find and/or create powerful motivational reasons for wanting to be the specific weight you want to be. Second (and this is the key and the elusive part that few really understand), get your chemistry (your water and food) right.

At Align Wellness we offer two approaches to weight loss. One is a specific, best-in-class, lowest in cost, pre-packaged program that can fundamentally change your experience of the effects that food has on you. It comes with weekly coaching and has proven itself more than 6 million times over. This program ends after the fourth phase when you take complete control of all of your meals. The other approach is Align Wellness’ You-Specific Coaching model that has you take complete and specific control of your nutrition and, therefore, your body chemistry over time.

There are many reasons that bring people to Align Wellness for weight loss. Looking better is possibly the most common. Beyond vanity, though, live many other health reasons, self-esteem reasons and participation-in-activities reasons. Truly all that matters is your reason or reasons. I’m simply excited at the possibility of us helping you and your health improve, whether your health is a primary goal for you or “just” a really great “side effect” to looking better.

Are you ready to get fit and healthy this year?