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Frequently-Asked Questions

What does it mean to "Fix Bodies?"

To “Fix Bodies” is to align your parts as they should be, teach you how to condition your body without hurting it and help you make better food choices (not what most people think). So many of the little (and big) things that happened to you caused unseen and unfelt damage which your body cannot self-correct and which add up to pain and problems and, well, less than optimal health. (Ever notice that it is harder to run, walk, breath than when you were 10?)

How long will it take for me to feel better?

Sometimes, it just takes a couple of visits to feel like you want. Other times it takes more. At AW we work with YOUR goals whether short term or long. To stay healthy for a lifetime takes a lifetime of effort. Fortunately, whether you are short or long term focused, the effort doesn’t have to take much time and gets easier, too.

How is AW different?

At AW we not only look at the body as a whole (every part affecting the others), we look in a unique way at how that body is used. After all, an exercise that makes you stronger but harms your body overall might not be the best in the long-term for your health. And we teach you to care for yourself.

Why is AW able to get consistent results?

One cause for inconsistent results is the view that muscles are usually the problem. It seems to make sense that when a muscle is achy and sore if it can be made to relax that will solve the problem. Sometimes muscles can be made to relax and that feels better, sometimes not – inconsistent results. When the source of the tight muscle (the thing that is pulling the muscle tight) is corrected the muscle always relaxes – consistent results. One service of AW (Advanced BioStructural Correction™ figured out how to consistently determine what needs to be corrected and how to fix the cause(s) of the problem.

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