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Structure is at the heart of everything you do. It’s pretty simple really: Good structure – good health. Poor structure – poor health. Your structure is a very specific set of physical relationships, in space and function, between the many parts of your body. They always function as a synchronous unit. When you condition your body, you are conditioning your structure. Knowing what you are conditioning, how activities and movements effect you and what work loads and frequency are just right for you will give you best results and make life easier and healthier. Working too much is every bit as bad for health as working too little. What is it that you sustain when you eat and drink better? That’s right, your Structure! Welcome to Align Wellness.


Following open-heart surgery at the age of 27, Dr. Farrell sought to understand how to restore and optimize health – not simply feel better. At first, his motivation was getting back to racing bicycles and to take advantage of the great mountaineering near Seattle.

After graduating Summa Cum Laude from Life Chiropractic College West, his motivation became helping others. When his two children were born, Dr. Farrell’s motivation grew again with helping them grow up healthy. Now, his motivation is sharing what he has and continues to learn while experiencing high level health and fitness for the next 50 years with his wife and children. And, who knows, some other family members may come along. 


Align Wellness is, first and foremost, a welcoming place dedicated to empowering others to achieve wellness through partnership, education and integration. Specific actions, unique to your specific needs and enhanced with support and trust, lead to wellness; to Foundational Health™ which is wellness from the inside out.

Being a place for Foundational Health™ means our focus is to restore conditions that your body cannot restore on its own. We help you know what to change and how to change the things you do with your body so that you don’t add to your problems unnecessarily. For instance, we can teach you how to choose what to feed your body in order to create an INvironment that will help you thrive.

Are you ready to get fit and healthy this year?


Stand Tall with Slump-Free Structure.

Bodies get bent, twisted, stretched and squashed leading to: heart problems, lung problems, digestion problems, allergies, asthma, headaches, hip and back pains, feet, shoulder and knee problems to name just a few. To turn things around…

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Take Control with You-Specific Conditioning.

Conditioning your body when your Structure is not working well is like putting a car engine in a wooden cart. (The engine will rip the cart to shreds.) This is why Structure and Condition should not be separated. Simple, self-testable truths can point you in the right direction…

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Be Smart, Sustain Your Way to Gains.

Certainly, a car won’t go far without fuel and the quality of fuel matters. Your body is far more dynamic than a car and right fuel for your body is essential if you want health. Your energy level, weight, libido, frequency and severity of illness and, frankly, your life can be greatly improved through smart Sustain Choices.

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